Editorial Tijdschrift voor Toezicht

Published in Tijdschrift voor Toezicht (in Dutch): Editorial on contract theory, relating public supervision to the (im)possibility to implement public goals through contracting (nr. 3, 2016).

Evaluation of the Dutch legislation for the regulation of Collective Management Organisations

Utrecht University, Andersson Elffers Felix and Radicand Economics have evaluated, at the request of WODC and the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Dutch legislation for the regulation of Collective Management Organisations (CMOs). CMOs are organisations which are formally authorized to manage copyright or rights related to copyright on behalf of right holders. The report (in Dutch) is available, from November 30, 2016, through WODC. The Dutch Parliament will discuss the report in due course.

ACM conference on the impact of competition authorities

On November 16, 2016 the Dutch competition and consumer authority ACM organizes a conference on impact assessments of interventions of competition authorities. Paul de Bijl is a discussiant in a session on telecoms and energy regulation, and will reflect on the impact of mergers in markets for mobile telecommunications.

Session "Transparancy in health care" at the Nederlandse Economendag

What are the consequences of transparency in health care for health insurers and hospitals? On November 4, 2016, Paul de Bijl will chair a session/panel discussion on this topic at the Nederlandse Economendag 2016 (DNB, Amsterdam). Speakers: Frederik van Doorn (policy advisor Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport), Hugo Keuzenkamp (Board member Westfriesgasthuis) and Bart Broers (Programme director Taskforce Health Care, ACM).

Nobel Prize Economics: contract theory

Published on Me Judice (in Dutch): "Nobelprijs Economie 2016: over contractontwerp bij botsende belangen", October 20, 2016.

Article horizontal concentration

Recently published (in Dutch): "Economische methoden en terminologie bij horizontale concentraties", Tijdschrift Mededingingsrecht in de Praktijk 16(5-6), themanummer Concentratiecontrole, October 2016, by Paul de Bijl and Theon van Dijk (Lexonomics).

Conference Privacy and Internet

On October 13, 2016, Paul de Bijl will be a panel member at the conference Privacy and Internet, at the National Academy for Finance and Economics in The Hague.

Executive course on the Economics of Public Policy has started

On September 8, 2016, the executive course Economics of Public Policy will start. Paul de Bijl is teaching this course at the National Academy for Finance and Economics. Registration closed.

Market, government and innovation

On August 25, 2016, Paul de Bijl will give a workshop on innovation policy at the AEF Summer School, Andersson Elffers Felix, Utrecht (closed event).

Exploratory study on network virtualization

On July 26, 2016, the study "The impact of network virtualisation on the Dutch telecommunications ecosystem" by Dialogic, Radicand Economics and iMinds will be published. Study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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